I have always had the idea of an APP to help people set-up and tune their bows. Finally I sat down during the Olympic Games and wrote out all my thoughts on how I wanted to go about it. After writing my information I decided to bring my now partner Multiple Time World Champion, Jesse Broadwater on board to head up the compound sections. We finally got APPtitune up and running on the iTunes network and will have the Android version hopefully soon to follow. Basically it is a comprehensive manual that works on a mobile device, with lots of added information and tricks that Jesse and myself have learned over the years.

In the future we are planning many free updates with lots of added information on many subjects that we haven’t even addressed yet.

APPtitune is an archery tuning guide that is currently available on the iTunes market for your iPhone/iPod and iPad. Android system is soon to follow.

Learn the ins and outs of your equipment from the pros who are on the cutting edge of bow setups and tuning. In-depth coverage of many aspects of setup including; Limb alignment, Cam Alignment, Stabilizer setup, Group tuning, Torque Tuning, Broadhead setup, Vane Selection, Broadhead alignment and tuning, Hunting arrows, Bareshaft tuning, Walkback tuning, Paper tuning, Yoke tuning, Creep tuning, Third axis leveling and Arrow setup.

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