Video Coaching Review

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Send Jake a video to review Things like:

  • Technique or form feedback
  • Equipment or tuning questions
  • Training guidance

This service is excellent for all types of archers and types of archery. Jake prides himself on applying the most important principals to archery success regardless of the style of shooting or the technique the archer utilizes. Think of Jake as a great resource to advance your archery skills and additional support to your existing coaching.  It is best when sharing your video to upload it to Google Drive, Amazon Drive, or a similar large file sharing platform and then simply submit the link for review. Another option is to upload the video to YouTube and sharing the link with Jake; the uploaded video can be private or unlisted to keep from others from being able to see it. 

What happens after you submit your video?

Jake will review your video and will respond with a video reviewing your form and answering questions you may have. The video will be a webcam and screen record combo so he can point out what he sees on your video submission as the video plays live.

The video response will be a maximum of 30 minutes and are filled with information and suggestions for helping you become a better archer.

The response video will be sent after being received within five business days, and in the order in which it is received, if there is a delay, you will be notified within 24-48 hours.

Interested in Video Coaching Review?

After checkout you will receive an email asking you to reply to it with your video link and any questions you may have for Jake to answer in your video response.