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Archery is a Lifestyle

I started shooting archery at the age of six in Elma, New York, a small town outside of Buffalo. From the first shot I was hooked. Initially it was a hobby, a leisure sport, a pastime but slowly Archery developed into a Lifestyle.

Jake Kaminski knows first hand what it means to passionately and endlessly work to achieve a goal. Being a professional archer is about more than the 25 years of shooting, more the the 100,000 arrows shot per year, more than the equipment, more than the medals won, more than the intentional eating and workouts. Being a professional archer is about being an ambassador for the sport, sponsors and fellow archers while remaining focused on sharing his motivational affirmation "I am." I am Jake Kaminski and I am more then just a shooter:

I am Influence

  • 2.4 Million plus people reached on 5 Facebook live events
  • 350,000 Youtube views
  • Multiple Snapchats that were viewed by 1 Million plus users (in 24 hours)

I am Dedication

  • 25 years of shooting experience
  • Competed nationally for 19 years
  • Professional shooter for 11 years

I am Preparation

  • 100,000 arrows shot per year
  • Develop and adhere to my own strict archery training plans
  • Purposeful eating helps air recovery and enhances performance under pressure

I am Motivation

  • Holding clinics for personal and coaching development 
  • Multiple how-to and self help videos on social media
  • Works with individuals on technique, mental and physical training plans

I am Innovation

  • Designed new bow geometry for a sponsor that became a multiple Olympic Medal winning bow
  • Designed world's first micro adjustable clicker
  • Worked with project design teams to make products more user friendly with less failure rates, resulting in increased customer confidence within the brand

I am Success

  • 7 Olympic and World Championship medals
  • 37 National Championship medals
  • Founder of APPtitune the world's first bow tuning application available on iTunes and Google play in 3 languages with over 4,000 copies sold
  • Co-Founder of Archers Association of America with wife Heather
  • Co-Author of Training for Archery with wife Heather selling thousands of copies worldwide

I am more than just a shooter. 

I am Passion, Growth, Innovation, Motivation. 

I am. 

I am an Archer.

I am an Olympian.

I am Jake Kaminski.